Floor Paint

Floor Paint

Floor paint is an aesthetic and solid building material that is applied quickly just like wall paint. How to apply epoxy floor paint? You can find the necessary information about topics such as what the prices are in our article.

What is Floor Paint?

Floor Paint is a building material that is applied just as easily as wall paint and protects the floors of all kinds of indoor and outdoor spaces, giving it an aesthetic and useful appearance. Floor paint is a material that is cured much faster than other floor covering systems, is made available faster and has low labor costs.

Floor Paint - self level epoksi kaplama 3
Floor paint is made with epoxy resin based paints

Differences of Floor Painting Over Other Coatings

Floor paint has a much lower labor cost than other ground building materials. Ground paints, which take much shorter application preparation and are easily cured, are usually epoxy resin-based materials. The paint, which is applied by being flexible and easy to dress on the entire surface, allows application to all areas as monolithic. Also, like other materials, it does not create extra weight on all surfaces, since adhesive and additional material are not used. Since it is a material that is resistant to high weights, it resists heavy human and vehicle traffic without problems.

How to Make Floor Paint

Before floor paint is made, the floor must be made ready for painting. At this stage, the residues of all old coatings on the ground are cleaned and the surface is cleaned of all foreign materials. Then it is necessary to remove the cracks on the surface and obtain a pruzless surface. Then the surface should be completely de-de-mourized. Surface paint to be applied to surfaces that are not degreased can then cause swelling in the medium and short term.

Floor Paint - Mat beton epoksi uygulama min
Preparation process for epoxy floor painting

Floor Paint Prices

Floor paint prices vary according to the quality of the applied material. It is possible to encounter very different prices especially in domestic and imported products and we apply all the choice rights in this regard by telling our customer. In addition, the condition of the floor and the desired coating thickness are an important criterion for prices.

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