Marble Patterned Epoxy Floor Covering

Marble Patterned Epoxy Floor Covering

Marble has been a preferred building material as an indicator of elegance and nobility for centuries. Since ancient times, marble cladding has been preferred especially in public buildings, temples and temples, palaces and luxury residences due to its aesthetic and magnificent appearance. The main reason of choice of marble floor covering is that it adds a spacious appearance in large spaces, maintains its pattern and form without losing its qualities for many years, and undoubtedly has an elegant and artistic appearance that is a gift of nature to people.

However, if you want to have a marble-likefloor, your option to leave is no longer to use natural stone marble. If you want to have a surface that is as durable and shinyas real marble, we offer you the marble pattern with epoxy floor covering. Thanks to the epoxy applied in a thin film layer, you can have a marble-looking floor in any shade that does not wear out for many years and does not lose its pattern.

Solid as marble

Marble-looking epoxy floor covering is a coating material as high as marble when made in master hands and applied as a result of good ground analysis. In this way, in applications made in large areas, factory, factory, warehouse, gym, public buildings, meeting rooms, entertainment venues, residences and all kinds of living spaces will withstand heavy human and vehicle traffic and heavy loads for many years and ensure that you use them without problems. A wide range of additives are used in the modification of epoxy resins. In the processing of silicone epoxies of epoxy resins, thermal and dimensional stability is obtained especially in a material with low surface energy representation and high strength.

Partless coating

No matter how wide the marble blocks are, they must be laid in pieces under 1 square meter for transportation and processing and joint filling should be applied to ensure sealing and integrity between them. In addition, marble coating requires high precision workmanship and due to its annexes, it is very difficult to obtain a completely prism-free coating. However, thanks to the epoxy floor covering, you can both have a marble appearance and obtain a liquid-resistant floor covering that is resistant to all kinds of chemical powders and liquids. The monolithic structure is distributed seamlessly all over the surface of the application area and provides an aesthetically perfectand impeccable floor in terms of usage.

Unlimited color and pattern

Almost none of the natural marble stone's patterns are alike. However, marble formation of a different color is not yet possible on our planet except for a known color group. Therefore, every marble you buy will be a color that is actually in another. However, in epoxy coloring we can produce an unlimited number of color combinations and patterns. In this way, you can get the floor pattern of the place you see and like in another place in a different color. It offers you unlimited personalization in the customization of our spaces.

Marble patterned epoxy prices

Our company, which specializes in epoxy floor covering, can apply every pattern you desire and does not charge a separate fee according to the pattern. What matters to us is the width of the application area and the quality of the material to be spent. Therefore, if you wish, you can immediately consider the option that is best for you by getting a free offer.

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