Natural Stone Floor Coating

Stones have been used as construction materials for centuries. Especially the areas where natural stone floor coating is applied have both a decorative and warm appearance. Since coatings made using natural stones are not long-lasting and useful, more synthetic materials were preferred until recently, but thanks to epoxy technology, it is possible to obtain both natural-looking and extremely durable surfaces.

Natural Stone Floor Coating - Dogal Tas Zemin Kapama Istanbul Turkey Epoksi
Natural Stone Floor Coating Becomes a Bright and Robust Surface with Epoxy Resin

How to Make Natural Stone Floor Coating

In the coating methods where real stones were used, cement-based adhesives and finally surface wipes were applied until the near future, but floor coatingmethods also took their share from the momentum of technological developments in the construction sector in recent years. Now, thanks to epoxy floor coatingmethods and resin-based epoxy adhesives, stone coating is applied easily and smoothly on all surfaces.

Natural Stone Floor Coating - Dogal Tas Zemin Doseme
Natural Stone Floor Coating Is Reinforced by Applying Transparent Epoxy

Careful preparation of the area to be applied affects the quality and strength of the application. Therefore, moisture measurements and ground analysis on the ground should be done first. It is very important that it is not affected by the loads to be applied on the floor and does not collapse over time. Our company performs free floor analysis and surface preparation so that the application surfaces can remain as they were on the first day for many years. In fact, the application we have made is transparent epoxy application and we can achieve a completely natural appearance with the use of natural stones. Producing with the materials of leading companies in the field of transparent epoxy is extremely important for the quality of the service you will receive. Therefore, as a company, we prefer high quality products and open the lid of all the products we use in front of you.

Natural Stone Floor Coating - Dogal Tas Zemin Kaplama Yapimi
Natural Stone Material Is Laid on the Floor and Jeans Are Made

Mortar and filling stones prepared with mixer for the application area must be mixed homogeneously. First of all, work is started with the preparation of skirting areas and the mortar is spread over the surface and continued by taking jeans at every stage. Watching the natural stone floor coating and epoxy application video below can give you an idea.

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