Parking Floor Covering

Car parks are materials that need to be robust as there are surfaces that are under heavy load and traffic throughout the day, whether it is a commerciallyoperated area or a private parking area belonging to the site or workplace. Therefore, areas that are not made of quality material and good workmanship easily wear out over time and have to endure high repair costs.

Outdoor Car Park Floor Covering

In addition to pedestrian and human traffic, seasonal factors are also important for outdoor car parks. Therefore, the material to be applied in these areas should not dissolve in the intense ultraviolet rays of the sun, it should be able to easily drain rain and snow waters and the water attitude should be low. We usually apply polyurea floor covering in outdoor parking areas. You can get information about this coating and other types of coatings from the link below to request our sample work and free pricing.

Epoxy Parking Floor Covering

Epoxy floor covering is often preferred especially in places that want aesthetic appearance such as shopping malls and sites, do not have oil and dirt attitudes and want surfaces that can be easily cleaned without dusting. With epoxy-based resin adhesive applied in these areas, it is possible to create thematic areas that never fade colors for years. In this way, areas suitable for the theme colors of the company or site can be produced, and the guidance and warning sign lines can be used without fading and wear for years. If you wish, you can get an idea of the application colors by examining the Ral Kaletera. Since vehicle tires apply much higher pressure and a corrosive power than human traffic, only wiped concrete will not be enough for the strength you want. Thanks to the epoxy coating that we will apply directly on concrete, we guarantee that you will have the perfect parking space you want.

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Parking Floor Epoxy Application

Parking Floor Polyurethane Flooring

Polyurethane is a material that can be easily laid on concrete floor in indoor and outdoor areas. There are dozens of bright, matte and semi-matte options for polyurethane coating, which has quite a different color option. Polyurethane material, which has lower durability than epoxy coating methods, is preferred because it is a much more economical solution.

Parking Floor Covering Prices

In this article, where we try to briefly provide information about parking flooring, we would like to reiterate that we offer free exploration and pricing on site on the same day if you request ez construction. The size of the area you prefer on the parking floor and the material to be applied are the biggest determinants of the price. For example, epoxy floor covering per square meter unit prices start from 10-12 euros, while polyurethane floor covering prices are reduced to 6-8 euros.

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