Pool Isolation

When it comes to pool insulation, if you have a pool, you probably know that one of the two biggest problems of the pool is waterproofing and the other is cleanliness. Water insulation should be planned and applied meticulously during the design and production phase of the pools. Otherwise, it is inevitable that you will encounter very annoying situations in the medium and short term and bear unnecessary costs.

Pool Isolation - epoksi uygulama havuz
Stages of pool insulation with epoxy paint application

How to Make Waterproofing in the Pool?

Liquids take the shape of the container in which they are in and apply pressure to all parts of the container. Therefore, a pool filled with water applies pressure to all walls and most of all to the pool floor with the effect of gravity. It is not enough to use only concrete and cement-based materials for water insulation of pools. In addition, ceramic coating is not an adequate solution for water insulation in the pool. Because over time, water leaks from the additional parts of the ceramic coating material and joint cavities will reach the adhesive material, causing the pool walls to get wet. Therefore, special liquid-resistant insulation should be applied for the surface that is in direct contact with water. In this regard, we recommend you to coat the pool epoxy.

Epoxy coating is an extremely high strength resin based material. Since the desired colors and patterns can be applied, you can make coatings in any color and pattern of your pool. It creates a flawless adhesion and smooth surface in all areas, so you can never leak and create fractures and cracks on the surface even if you hit it with a hammer.

Pool Isolation - havuz epoksi kaplamasi izolasyon
Application of pool insulation with epoxy coating

What is the Cost of Epoxy Pool Coating?

Epoxy is known on the market as an expensive material. In fact, it is true that ceramics and other types of coatings sold mediocrely on the market are more expensive than some. But what matters here is not how much you pay, but what you buy. The labor costs you will pay for the ceramic coating that you will apply with a bad adhesive home joint material will return to you in the medium and long term as repair costs and problems. You may even have to completely re-cover the pool surface in a much shorter time than you think.

Therefore, although the initial costs seem to be high, our advice to you will be to completely remove the pool coating problem from your mind by choosing the Epoxy coating method that you will use without any problems for many years. The cost of epoxy coating starts at 10-12 euros, but you will be able to have the desired pool in a much, much shorter time than ceramic coating methods. Epoxy is a much more economical solution due to rapid labor and low labor costs. Click here for epoxy floor covering prices : https://www.ezinsaat.com/istanbul-epoksi-zemin-kaplama-fiyatlari-2021/

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